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Personal Tours around Si­cily with a focus on cul­ture, his­to­ry, food and wine, or al­most any ex­pe­ri­ence you can imag­ine, wheth­er you'd like to stay for two days or two weeks. Es­corted/guided with your own driv­er/guide or in­de­pen­dent (self-drive), based on a unique, cus­tomized, tailor-made itinerary we plan with you. We also do shore excur­sions, day trips and family history (genealogy) tours.

Travel Experiences range from culi­nary tours and win­ery vis­its to things like quad ex­cur­sions on Mount Etna and yacht trips around the is­land. And yes, we work with trav­el agents based out­side Italy to plan trips for groups of any size. (Shown in this pic is al­mond marzi­pan.)

Events are one of our spe­cial­ties. This might be a con­fer­ence, a team ex­pe­ri­ence or any­thing in-between. Wheth­er it's din­ner in a castle or palace, a golf holi­day or a series of lec­tures, we can do it. In fact, we probab­ly have. (Shown here is Cac­camo Castle.)

Student Tours can focus on arche­ol­ogy, me­dieval his­to­ry, social is­sues and other topics. Si­cily is the se­cret Italy you didn't know ex­ist­ed. Its di­ver­si­ty of­fers a world of pos­si­bili­ties, even if your stu­dents' in­ter­ests are more general. (Shown is a bust of Julius Caesar in Sicily.)

Real Historians: Among the ex­pe­ri­ences avail­able ex­clu­sive­ly from Sicily Concierge (and not just for stu­dents!) are tours and talks by the au­thors of The Peoples of Sicily and other books.

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If you're reading this, Sicily Concierge is exactly what you're looking for! Before planning your visit, let's take just a minute to get to know each other. You probably found us on the internet, which is full of competing services. Apart from price, what's the difference?

• Real company with office and staff.

• Experienced personnel.

• Licensed, college-educated tour guides who know their field.

• Fully insured for non-performance of service (an important detail), liability, personal injury.

• Fully licensed, insured tour operator.

• Exclusive details like lectures by published historians.

• "Virtual" company that out­sources most services.

• Taxi drivers working as tourism "experts."

• Illegal, non-licensed "tour guides."

• Limited insurance coverage (certain policies are available only to licensed tour operators).

• Not licensed as tour operator.

• Unoriginal travel experiences.

Personal service isn't just a thing of the past. Sicily Concierge is a travel agency – the "traditional" kind with a fully-staffed office, knowledgeable (and multilingual) travel agents, attentive customer care and 24-hour emergency service – specialized in customized, tailor-made tours, excursions and trips in Sicily. "Luxury travel" but much more, because most choices can be scaled to most budgets. When you deal with Sicily Concierge, there's no reseller or "middle man" because you're in direct contact with the Sicily-based travel specialists who plan and oversee your visit down to the tiniest detail – a licensed tour operator. You're never "alone." The result is personalized service for your unique experience. In other words, you're working step-by-step with the travel agent responsible for your visit. You'll pay a fair price because there's no extra commission being paid to a "local" vendor outside Italy. (Read more about us.) Here's what you can expect from Sicily Concierge:

Chat & Tour (Tradizione Turismo) is a member of the IATA and ASTA. Experiences unavailable from most "internet" travel consultants – things like golf vacations, hiking, sailing, and wine tours, regardless of the size of your group, whether it's two or two hundred. We also plan meetings, conferences, events, incentive holidays and team-building activities. Sicily boasts some spectacular settings awaiting your visit.

 Rational Recommendations – because we are not a broker who must rely on travel-agent commissions from specific hotels, wineries or other suppliers. This means we can provide you with superior, objective, reliable travel advice, without the annoying limitations of many travel agents outside Italy. Our recommendations are based on your requirements and our experience, not on "hidden" agreements with a few suppliers. We work with many partner firms here in Sicily, not just five or six. Expect a virtuoso performance every time.

 Local Knowledge. As much as your local travel agent may be familiar with Sicily, there's no substitute for being here. In fact, Sicily Concierge is the kind of firm that local travel agents outside Italy use to plan and furnish travel services for clients going to Sicily. And, as we've stated, we're a real tour operator.

 Professional Personnel. That means professional travel agents, licensed tour guides and competent tour leaders.

Finding it in Sicily.

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